Holidays and now January at the Radio Station

Jan 09, 2013 -- 2:52pm

Mighty quiet around the old Radio Station Studios these days.  Absent from the On Air Studio: Robb Rose, our Program Director and Afternoon DJ, who is at home recovering from Hernia surgery. He did slip into his office just days after the surgery to work on our Music Rotation- but we shooed him back home.

Matt Copeland, Robb's Assistant and MVP/DJ had a good excuse to be gone between Christmas and New Year's. He was on his Honeymoon with Wife Jennifer, skiing in Colorado and he came back without a cast on his leg, his arm... etc.

According to Facebook, Lani is still in Hawaii, smoking cigars and putting the finishing touches on her Hawaiian Wedding - which takes place Saturday January 12th at the Royal Hawaiian Church in Honolulu. Later that  day, she and husband Roger (sounds weird doesn't it?)  board their Cruise Ship with  75+ Cruise Holidays Listeners/Friends t sailing from  Honolulu  to Maui around the  Big Island over to Kaua'i and back to Honolulu.  Lani returns to REALITY the week of January 22. Don't  think for a minute she's not looking for a DJ job in the South Pacific. It's in her Blood after all!


I'm holding down "Fort Country Legends" as usual after 36 years- soon to be 37 - you'd think I'd be used to it.  But it always suprises me- how the Holidays affect us.   Someday, I'm going to be gone during the Holidays and then they'll  get to experience  how much fun they are missing by not being here! 


Everyone is so relaxed, no hurry- no worries- pace is slow, everyone's smiling- in a good mood coming in late, leaving early. 

I just miss the Christmas Music!  Wish we could play it- not alot- just a little bit- all year long!


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