Over the Rainbow to Ireland

Aug 28, 2012 -- 3:51pm

Cruise Holidays of Topeka and Country Legends have 66 Listeners/Staff headed to Ireland September 6-16, 2012.  How Exciting!

I've never been to Ireland and have no idea what to expect.  I've been researching  the weather/temperatures, reading travel books and checking the internet for months and still don't know what to expect or what to pack.

I've spoken with several friends who have had the experience of visiting  THE EMERALD ISLE. They all tell me the Irish are the warmest, friendliest people they've ever met. My old KSU College friend, Russ Claus, has lived in Germany for 15 years and travels all over Europe in his spare time. He tells me he can't wait to go back to Ireland.

He says there really are a hundred shades of green in the landscape. My history books tell me,  Ireland was inhabited 8,000 years BC. Who knew??? There are stone tombs uncovered in Ireland that date back 500 years before the Pyramids.   This Island is OLD!

 I stopped by my Bank to get some Euros, since the Republic of Ireland  uses Euros and not the English Pound. I discovered my bank has to order them from a Bank in Kansas City and it will take me several days to get some.  Right now One Euro is equal to $1.46 in US Money. I've read in Ireland  tour books that you can take your Debit and Credit Cards but in the small shops and restaurants- forget it- they want CASH.

I've also read that Ireland is one of the more “Expensive” Countries in Europe. I decided that I would like to have an Irish Wool Sweater - but with Hot Flashes that might not be the best choice of a souvenir.

And I'm looking forward to kissing the Blarney Stone, having my Jaw drop at the sight of the 700 Foot High Cliffs of Moher overlooking the Atlantic coast, the historic Book of Kells at Trinity College, touring Waterford Crystal,  the company responsible for the Superbowl Trophy, the NYC Times Square New Year's Eve Glass Ball and crystal chandeliers at Buckingham Palace. Of course  touring the Guinness Storehouse, where they make that delicious dark Irish beer is also on my wish list!

 I have always enjoyed  reading stories of mystical creatures including Fairies and Leprechauns- and I hope to see what  the Irish call a “Fairy Fort”  trees in a circle. These Fairy Forts supposedly protect  the Fairies.  I hear there are many in Ireland and they are considered to be Sacred Ground.  Many a road has been built around a Fairy Fort - it's the Law of the Land.  

There are 46 of us in our group. They have been divided into two groups.  I'm in charge of the smaller group of 20 and Emma and Sara of Cruise Holidays are in charge of the larger group of 46. We have two sets of planes to get everyone on and a layover on the East Coast  (two different flight plans- two different airports)  on our way to Ireland and again on the way back to Kansas.  So, wish me  THE LUCK OF THE IRISH- I'm gonna need it!     


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