'Tis the Season for Gifts!

Nov 02, 2012 -- 10:52am


 Not something I look forward to nowadays… as I did as a child.  These days, you have to pay attention to your friends and family- find out what they like, what color they want, and the size it needs to be etc.   I have little spare time to investigate these matters, let alone remember those details without writing them down on a list I can actually locate afterwards.  My gift giving is mostly cash and gift cards these days.   I don’t wish anyone to have to go to the same trouble for me and here’s why.

My little ranch style home is currently overflowing with CRAP!  The closets are filled to the brim! Don’t open that door!   The drawers are crammed full. Don’t open that drawer!  And the OVERFLOW from upstairs is being stored downstairs in my unfinished basement.

Take an underground tour and you’ll see a small path that winds its way to the far side of the basement and along the way a large collection of brightly colored plastic tubs (with lids- if they fit.)  

They once were color coordinated for the season of the year. Pastels for spring, Orange/Black for Halloween/ fall and whatever’s on sale in whatever color it comes in- usually blue/grey- for the other two seasons.  They are stacked on top of each other in piles in a cobwebbed basement kingdom. 

There’s one small path through the basement to access all this junk that I’ve bought/collected/been given and passed down to me by friends and family members;  sentimental stuff from my childhood, my long gone parents, grandparents,   uncles, aunts, friends, cousins… it goes on and on and into the basement tubs.  I’m the Official Keeper of the CRAP!

I have a feeling many women my age are in the same predicament. We don’t need any more jewelry, trinkets, décor or clothing.  We have no place to put it or hang it.    The back of the SUV still has room- but all that junk in the trunk would significantly lower its 20 mpg!

If you insist on giving us gifts we’ll use for our Birthdays or Holidays,  I suggest  $$ that can be used to pay bills,  pet groomer, hair stylist, massage therapist , fuel for our car or tickets to  movies, concerts, theatre, etc.   Or consider gifting a  local “Charity” in our name;  Helping Hands Humane Society, Cat Association,  American Red Cross,  Children’s Miracle Network, Alzheimer’s Association,  Local Scouts, Meals on Wheels  and  Topeka Rescue Mission  are a few of my favorites that come to mind, but any would do!

The true beauty of gift giving is “ the thought that counts” and the recipient of a donation will usually  get a card in the mail informing them of your gift and  it doesn’t  have to be stored in a color-coded tub!

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