Best Christmas Gift - Friendship

Dec 13, 2012 -- 5:30pm

A dear friend phoned and left me a message on my answering machine yesterday.  She explained that money was tight this Holiday Season and would it be okay if we didn't exchange Christmas Gifts this year.  Instead she suggested we get together for lunch or dinner.

At first I was disappointed, then I realized, I hadn't picked out a present for her- I hadn't even thought about it.  We haven't seen each other much over the last year. We get so busy with our jobs, our familes, pets, charities and hobbies. We had lost touch.


Then  I realized she had just offered me the Greatest Gift- her time.  A couple of hours, just the two of us, we could catch up, re-connect and  share stories about our lives, loves, losses, careers, pets, families and interests. You can't put a pricetag on someone's time and attention and Santa can't pull it out of a big black bag.


Yes, I would love to get together and just talk, my dear  thoughtful friend- that would be  the Best Christmas Gift of all!


Merry Christmas to you- may you reconnect with someone you've lost touch with over the Holidays.



Kai, Pai, Czar (The Dogs)

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