Vacation Time!

Jan 23, 2013 -- 5:54pm


A very tan Lani Novak is back from her month long vacation in Hawaii and Robb Rose  is a bit pale from his recent surgery but he’s “Soldiering On” so Country Legends 106.9 is what they call in Hockey  is now ”Full Strength!”  


The Farm Show is behind us and the Kansas Flower Lawn & Garden Show and Topeka Home Show are coming up.  These are interesting and fun shows to attend at the Kansas Expocentre. So, if you get a chance, come visit them and stop by our booth and say Hello!  

Now that everyone else is back it’s my turn to take vacation time. My destination is South Lake Tahoe.  Never been there – but my friend Jeanette has and highly recommends it.  She loves to ski and has found others that share her passion.  I haven’t been skiing in years- and I was never good at it. I’m not sure my old knees can take it anymore- so I’m not making any promises.  I may just shop in Tahoe, hang out at the foot of the Mountain with a beverage and greet my friends at the end of their run or turn  “Pruny”  in the hot tub.  Some relaxing “Down Time” is good “Any Time” and “Any Where.”

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