Mar 13, 2013 -- 4:20pm


Spring is  perfect  for new beginnings;  a new Pope,  colorful new clothes,  lots of  activities  on the ol’ Social Calendar,  Nature  off it's brightly colored creations and  maybe a  green lawn will replace the brown  one at my house.  A little snow, now  a little rain… just what the Doctor Ordered for our bone dry Kansas to turn into a brillant Green!


Spring means back to a busier schedule.  No more time off- too much going on:  St Patrick’s Day Parade, Governor’s Easter Egg Hunt, Radiothon, Benefit Runs, Walks, lots of excitement this time of year.  It fills up our weekends and since I’m all out of vacation time. Three “Vacations” in 4 weeks:  Lake Tahoe,  Eureka Springs and San Francisco/ Napa Valley.  My Visa Card may never recover.) If anyone ever invites you to go to San Fran- DO IT! That City has a great Vibe- the Hills, Skyscrapers, Shops, Wharf, Sea Lions and the Dark Blue Bay!  The Traffic-  not  so much.

And now it’s Tax time.  I’m a slacker when it comes to Taxes.  My friends are getting refunds and I still haven’t gathered all my paperwork together to go into a Tax Shop and beg for someone to help me.  Oh, well,  I’ll take a plate of fresh baked cookies along…


Spring has Sprung-  get out and Enjoy!

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