Springtime and Helping Hands Humane Society New Shelter in Topeka

Apr 10, 2013 -- 8:15am


Springtime Musings… 


Czar, my 3 year old inquisitive Borzoi  (Dog)  has discovered  his Purina Dog Food Cans stored on a shelf in my garage.  Hounds have a very keen sense of smell and Borzoi are  tall and have no problem standing on their  hind legs to get to something interesting.   I found the yard littered with half a dozen cans, each with several  tooth sized gaping holes oozing  beef, chicken and other  taste temping  goop.   I had my Veterinarian check his mouth for broken teeth and lacerated gums – but somehow  he escaped injury.   The Cans are now on very HIGH Shelves in the garage- I just hope that is enough!

Leaves are back!   I can’t seem to get rid of the leaves.  It’s not an Autumn thing, it’s seems to be a year ‘round thing in my neighborhood.   The leaves that piled up against bushes, hedges, fences and foundations from last Fall and Winter are now being picked up by those Spring Breezes and tossed from yard to yard.  It looks like OCTOBER in my yard all over again!

Rain.  We need Rain, the snow we received wasn’t enough I’m told. We’re still in a drought.  Rain Dancing is needed, since talking, praying and whining hasn’t worked. If you know of any specific- full proof Rain Dance – please let me know and I’ll do it willingly.

Golfing is on my agenda again this year. It was on it last year, but never happened. I have clubs ( 2 sets actually) and they have cobwebs on them in the basement.  I live across the street from a Golf Course, I truly have no excuse – except that I work a lot and feel like I neglect my pets- so I  try to spend time with my three dogs whenever  possible. Now, if they could just play golf, we could have a foursome!

I wore my Helping Hands Humane Society Sweatshirt to Bowling last night. Several people asked me if I had seen  the new Shelter and I said yes and told them about it and the wonderful new electronic sign out front that shows  video of the pets. A young Mom stopped me and asked me if I worked at the Shelter. I explained I did not work there but  I was  a past member of the HHHS Board.  She  explained her  young daughter (sitting in a high chair and possibly 18 months old)  had wanted a dog, so she got her a pit bull mix puppy.  I could tell she realized, getting  a pet for a child this young had been a  foolish idea.  She asked about taking it to the Humane Society and if they charged you for leaving unwanted pets with them.  I explained there was no charge and that she should take the puppy there right away-  they would Welcome her!  I could see relief on her face. 

 If you haven't been to  your new Helping Hands Humane Society Animal Shelter,  off West 21st Street and I-470 in Topeka--GO as soon as you can! They are open  7 days a week.  Ask for a tour.  They are proud of it and want to show it off and after all- It's YOUR SHELTER.  HHHS has created not a prison for  animals, but a safe, clean, playground for them. Best of All,  they give unwanted animals hope- that one day they may be placed in a loving home of their own.  This amazing place has been a long time in the making- alot of hard work, patience and generosity made it happen.  This is your Shelter- visit it soon.  

You won't feel sorry for the animals, it won't make you cry or feel sad- it'll be just the opposite- I PROMISE!   You'll be proud of it!

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