May 09, 2013 -- 9:01am


Now that warmer weather is finally here, my yard is exploding with flowers, plants, grasses, toad stools,  dandelions and many other other weeds.  But I’m good with it all, as long as it’s green.  

I live in a neighborhood of mostly retired and elderly people, who grew up in the era of  do it yourself  REALLY NICE LAWNS/LANDSCAPING and TREES.  My Parents Generation.  I’m a Baby Boomer, part of the “If it’s too much work, I’m not interested” Generation. 

But I do appreciate and compliment my neighbors  frequently on how wonderful  their yards look and I notice their endless hours of pruning, planting, watering and mowing.  It’s a full time job+ and I already have one of those.  By the time I drive home( many nights after 6pm) I  have little energy left.  So instead, I admire everyone else’s efforts in the block and sit back and enjoy the view out my Picture Window every single day.  Someday I’ll be retired and I’ll take up the garden gloves and pruning shears and join them.  But that’s a ways off for now.


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