Top Rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida

Due to climbing homeowners rates here in Florida, it’s crucial to choose a company that can provide you with loyalty, speedy customer service, and most importantly compassion for you and your family. In fact, many residents here in the Sunshine State do not know where to begin, due to not many companies writing policies in FL. Here are a few top rated companies that offer Florida homeowners insurance in 2019.

Who are the best homeowners insurance companies in Florida?

When it comes to the top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida, you will definitely want a company that is professional, well-liked by customers, can provide a variety of policies that can fit your needs perfectly, and can help you 24/7 with knowledgeable customer service.

There is nothing worse than signing up with a dud company according to This is going to cause you a lot of frustration in the long run. There is nothing more irritating than dealing with a company that has poor customer service, can’t answer your questions, and has a super slow claim service.

Let’s discuss homeowners insurance companies in Florida that are top rated.

Universal Property and Casualty – This company can easily provide you with Florida homeowners. In fact, it is one of the top rated companies in the state. Universal Property and Casualty boasts over 4,500 skilled agents ready to help you. Universal is a great choice to consider when looking into different companies.

Geico – Geico offers the Sunshine State plenty insurance options to enjoy. In almost every part of the state, Geico can provide the right coverage for you. You can receive the service you deserve by signing up with Geico today!

Allstate – Allstate is another great company. Florida homeowners love how easy it is to communicate with Allstate. You can always depend on a local Florida Allstate agent. You can expect more than great home solutions. Enjoy the benefits of support from a knowledgeable local agent who understands your coverage needs.

Citizens Property-  Citizens mission is to provide insurance protection to Florida residents who can coverage in the private market. This company has offices located in Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Citizens provides great rates, and friendly customer service too. Making it a great company to work with.

These are just a few top rated homeowners insurance companies in Florida. By researching further at, you can find even more companies that provide exceptional service. Remember never settle with a company that cant provide you the service you want. Customer service is one of the main factors to look at when considering a company.