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I am afternoon drive host and program director at Country Legends 106/9.  My wife Brittany and I, along with our 3 mean little boys Jack, Brooks and Riley, moved to Topeka in October 2013 and love it here!

I grew up in southern Illinois where my dad worked part time at a small AM radio station as morning show host and sports broadcaster.  I used to tag along with him to ballgames and keep score for him when I was just 11 years old.  He turned me on to the business and I ran with it.  He taught me just about all I know about radio.  At the age of 14 I got to do play by play broadcast for the first time.  It was a junior college basketball playoff game in Champaign, Illinois.  I also got to host my first radio show, a Saturday show on my dad's station, WKRO in Cairo, Illinois.  He or my mom had to drive me to work and come and get me after the shift was over.  I would pack a sandwich and a soda and do a 6 1/2 hour show.  My dad also managed an unemployment office.  My mom was a secretary for my cousin who was a states attorney in southern Illinois.  

Finally in 1993 I caught a big break.  I got hired on a radio station I grew up with and admired, KEZS (K103), a multi award winning country giant in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.  All I did was work overnights, but it was heaven to me!  My dad ended up buying that little station in Cairo and I went to work for him.  In 1994 I went on to work in radio in Terre Haute, Indiana where I became play by play voice of Eastern Illinois University and worked for CBS Radio broadcasting college football and basketball.  I came back home to Cape Girardeau in 1999 and went back to work for K103, left, wandered around Arkansas for a few years doing radio in Jonesboro, Searcy, then Jackson, Mississippi, Natchitoches, Louisiana, back to Batesville, Arkansas, then to Paducah, Kentucky, back to Fayetteville, Arkansas and then back to K103 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri for a 3rd stint.  I love to travel around!  I got Ramblin' Fever (Merle Haggard).

I was program director for K103 when I got the call from Jim Allan to come to work in Topeka.  I love the classic country format.  I launched successful classic country stations in two other markets and I felt like we can build a strong force in Kansas.  Country Legends is already a monster, but my goal is to build a team and a station that can be unbeatable.

It amazes me when I hear from listeners all over the globe that love their Legends.  I get calls from all over the world, listening online or on the radio.  There are less than 150 FM stations in the country with our format, so we are really a rare breed.  Where else can you hear music we play?  Satellite radio doesn't even do it!  

You will hear me on the air talk about some St. Louis sports teams from time to time.  I grew up around that region and will always be a Cardinal baseball fan, although the Royals are 2nd.  I love the Chiefs.  When St. Louis lost their football team, I fell back on the Chiefs.  I love sports.  I love country music, I am a student of it.  I also love movies.  If you ever see me out on remote and mention any of the 3, you will have my ear.  

I look forward to talking to you folks on the phone, online, or on location.  I am ALWAYS open to chat.  You got to know me better by reading I want to know you.

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