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Hi! I'm Matt. I've been with Country Legends for over two and a half years now. That doesn't seem possible...time goes by way too fast. I do a little bit of everything for the station. I help out with whatever needs to get done (production, programming, promotions, a little sales, on air)  


A little bit about me. I was born and raised here in Topeka. I went to Cair Paravel from kindergarten through high school. I was involved in just about everything while I was there, football, basketball, choir, plays, musicals, and generally anything else that would get me out of study hall...


After high school I went off to Pennsylvania for college. I went to a small school outside of Pittsburgh called Geneva. My first semester there the people in dorms drove me nuts so I came back to Washburn. After one semester of being an Ichabod I decided to go back to Geneva.


Looking back it was kinda stupid but if there was a positive I was able to be home when KU won the National Championship! I was supposed to study for a test that was on the following morning but I decided that KU was more important...I got a “D” on that test. Haha so worth it. Anyways I went back to Geneva where I majored in Communications with a concentration in Integrated Media. While at school I started dating my wife! We got married in December of 2012...No kids yet but we do have a dog, named Bungie.


After graduation I really had no idea what I was going to do. I ended up moving back home and looking for a job. After a few months of searching with no luck I started emailing radio stations around Topeka. Jim Allan was the only person to get back to me. I had an interview with Mr. Allan and Chris Fisher a few days later. They gave me my start in radio and for that I will always be grateful. In the two and a half years that I’ve been here I’ve done just about everything, but currently I am the Sports Director.  


Outside of work I am fairly busy. I am pretty involved with my church. We have softball team in the summer months and volleyball during the “off season.” I am a huge sports fan. I try to cheer for the Royals but they haven't been good since before I was born...I love the Chiefs and anytime the Jayhawks are playing I will be in front of a TV somewhere.


Well I think that’s about it. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Oh and thanks for listening! Matt



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