James Holley


“Very unique” is not really an adequate description of James Holley. “Seriously demented” comes a little closer! His off-the-wall outlook on life is a perfect compliment to his vast knowledge of Country music. His father, Joe “Jody” Holley played fiddle for Bob Wills & The Texas Playboys. James himself plays bass, drums, and he sings. His career in radio started in the mid-1970’s in his hometown of Fresno, California. He was a top-rated morning personality on KSON-FM in San Diego, and he has also worked in Ohio. In the mid-1990’s–after some 20 years on the air–James hung up his headphones to become a successful insurance agent in the Fresno area. But radio wasn’t finished with him yet!

As California continued to dry out and burn up in 2015, James and his wife Linda (also known as, “Oh, That Poor Woman”) decided to look for someplace greener and less prone to wildfires, earthquakes, and general weirdness. As Linda happens to have family scattered around northeast Kansas/western Missouri, this part of the country seemed ideal. James had been itching to get back into radio, but he didn’t want to play “Bro Country,” and the other “music” being marketed by Nashville as “Country;” he wanted to play thereal thing! His prayers were answered when Skeeter contacted his former fellow Fresnan and asked him to join the team here at Country Legends 106.9. It was a match made in radio heaven. Now tanned, rested, and ready, James Holley By Golly rides the airwaves again, bringing smiles to the faces of listeners all over northeast Kansas!

Just remember: if you see someone in the car next to you laughing in the afternoon, chances are they’re listening to James Holley By Golly on Country Legends 106.9!

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