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Confessions of an Air Force Brat:

I was born in Warrington, England. My West Virginian Dad USAF Captain “Emory” married my Mom “Evelyn” (Wakarusa/Topeka Kansas) in 1949. After my birth, we moved around to Massachusetts, Hawaii and Texas. Dad retired in 1963. I was 9 yrs old. We settled down in my Mom’s hometown, Topeka, Kansas. My parents built a home in the Highland Park Neighborhood, next door to my grandparents.  I was a” B/C” student in grade school.  I hated math but loved science/foreign language.  I was a Girl Scout early, all the way through high school. Several of those girls are still some of my best friends – some 44 years later! I was active in Church Youth Group, HPHS Pep Club, Girls Glee, School Choir, Yearbook Staff and Y-Teens.  I loved performing in our high school musicals: Unsinkable Molly Brown and Mame. I attended Kansas State University and graduated in 1976 with a Broadcast Journalism degree and an FCC “DJ” license. My goal was to be a radio commercial copywriter – which is part of my job now, but I was originally hired at KTPK-FM as a weekend News/Weather Announcer in April of ’76, while I was finishing up college in Manhattan.

Next year will mark my  40th year in Broadcasting.  In that time, I’ve been a DJ in all the  “Dayparts/Time Slots.” Along the way I also took on Promotions, Commercial Writing & Production and was “Program Director” for 13 years. My “Glory Days” in my Broadcasting Career may have been when I was half of   “Marlena and Lynn in the Morning” from 1984-1995.  Lynn Higbee was my mentor. He was the GM at WREN Radio before he semi-retired and joined our staff at KTPK-FM.  He passed away suddenly in September of 1995 at age 63. It was the end of a Wonderful Era for me personally and professionally.

Fast Forward to Now.  I’m the “Midday DJ” (covering 5 hours on the air) and I’m also a full-time Commercial Production Director.  Yes, that often adds up to a very long day. So, if I’m out of breath or distracted when I answer the phone in the On-Air Studio- you now know why! (I apologize in advance.)

I live in Topeka.  My “Pet Kids”are:  a Borzoi named Czar and two felines- Goldie and Pan.  I’m a Helping Hands Humane Society volunteer and  look forward to emceeing “Paws in the Park” in  September 22nd.  I’m a Cruise-a-holic. I toured Alaska in 2011, Ireland in 2012, New England/Canada 2013, Western Caribbean 2014 and Southern Caribbean March 2015.

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