Marc Bradley

Marc Bradley here, your host with the most on Country Legends 106.9 . . .  I’m honored to have been given this great opportunity to do what I have loved to do throughout my entire career. And thats to simply entertain you and hopefully make you smile along the way. I haven’t, however, been doing this whole entertaining thing in radio til now. Though a rookie in the radio scene, I have about 30 yrs in the nite club and resturaunt industry where I have been the voice and entertainment as a live emcee / D.J. Having had the opportunity to reach out and form great relationships with some great people and have tons of fun along the way, that has definately prepared me for this next step into radio.

Born in Chicago IL and having been brought here toTopeka KS at an early age, I am definately a midwestern boy through and through. Since graduating from Washburn Rural High School in 1984, I have really never looked back. I started in the club industry at age 13 and just continued all through high school and into my 40’s. I am now ready to take that next step into a world that is not necessarily new to me. To continue to be able to entertain you, and give you some of the best music ever recorded, along with a good laugh or two, has always been my passion!! So I hope that I can give to you as much as this great world of music has given me !! Keep smiling and keep on listening, and thanks again for this wonderful opportunity!

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